hjwgkudgwkugduqd (Can’t think of a title)

So…I finally have a blog. I kinda knew it would happen, I wonder why it took me so long to create one; considering the fact that I enjoy writing and it’s something I’m passionate about. Nevertheless, I don’t really know how this whole blogging thing goes, I’m a rookie but I’m gonna try and give it a shot… so i guess I’m supposed to be introducing myself in this post and talk about what all this blog is going to be about but as the title suggests;  It’s going to be as RANDOM as it gets.

I won’t be writing about serious matters or preach, this blog will solely be dedicated to ranting about everyday things, trivial matters and what goes on in the life of an average human being, because as much as I’d like to believe that I’m special, I’m not, so you can expect a  lot of sob stories, every day life drama,  real life enactment of Indian “Saas Bahu” soap operas (that seem to be popular among the Pakistani audience) and of course poetry that I manage to brew at 3am when I can’t go to sleep.

So yeah…I guess that’s about it, the basic purpose of this blog is to be unexpected, unpredictable; much like life. There isn’t going to be one recurring pattern and if you’re looking to read something that follows a direction, you MIGHT not find it here since I happen to be terrible at following instructions. 😀

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