Betrayal.. My Dear Beatrice

The world is not all what it seems. Our perceptions change with the passage of time, our experiences mold us into the people we are at present. Why is it that even though, we evolve as individuals, people around us view us as the same. They look at us with the same perception that they created months or maybe years back. I wonder why there isn’t room for acceptance. And the one thing that boggles my mind is the lack of reliability among our kith and kin. I’ve witnessed it and experienced it, time and time again, that people can never be truly yours. They would make false claims to the point of ultimately making you believe it, they would pretend to be the closest to you, they’d reach out to you a couple of times assuring you that they’re there, but they would vanish into thin air the moment you truly need them.

People tend to thrive on other people’s sadness. it’s unfortunate but true, and this post may sound negative due to it’s melancholy permeated tone but these are just facts of life and some of us are exposed to them more often than others. The word friend has become such a loosely used term in this day and age, its like its lost it’s true essence. People would call you their friend and avoid you when you’d need them to be there. If people avoid you because of something that you did then it’s understandable, but if they steer clear of you for no reason whatsoever its deeply troubling.

Everyone has the right to know if they made a mistake and they have the right to fix it. People tend to tread on other people’s feelings while protecting their own, they seldom realize the bitter disappointments and heartbreaks they leave others with. And the tragic part is that no one is there to heal your open wound.

No matter how hard you try to move past these experiences, they haunt you like that childhood memory of yours when you thought there was a monster under your bed. And you try to be there as an individual, the people who you’re there for the most will turn their back on you without giving it a second thought. It’s a vicious cycle; you’re a relatively normal individual in the beginning, then you get hit by one or two such instances in your life, you move along and don’t lose faith then, when you keep getting hammered and you reach rock bottom, you become highly sensitive to your surroundings and stop trusting people easily.

It’s just how life is for some mortal beings. The more you care the more you get hurt. You rarely get what you give, in return. Only the person who goes through it truly, genuinely knows what it’s like to be the one standing alone in the pouring rain. The best you can do for yourself is to stop relying on people and learn to walk alone. it’s not an easy task but worth the effort.

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