This or that? Why not both?

Image courtesy: Shayk Wakas

I wonder why life throws us into situations that seem to have no solution to them. It’s like a black hole that suddenly opens up and takes you on a journey through a self created oblivion. The only difference is that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t be indifferent towards some things. People tell you that you’re falling into a dark pit, they try to warn you, and yet it’s like you’re addicted to the pitch dark that awaits you, there’s no other way you’d have it.

Honestly, deep down, I think we know where we’re headed, but we’re too naive not to fall prey to it. After all, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. We love the things that are meant to destroy us. We rely on them like the air we breath, and then one day, reality knocks on the door and you finally realize that you’re nothing but a pawn in this game of emotional chess.

The feeling of being split between two places is the worst thing that anyone could do to themselves. That place where your heart says one thing and your mind says another is an unpleasant, miserable one, one that only leads to self-destruction. How can you choose between two priorities in your life? It’s the question you’ll never have an answer to, no matter how much you try. How can someone inflict so much pain on them self, as to put them self through so much misery and suffering; knowing that there’s no end to it. The reason why we choose to go through things that keep hurting us is because we don’t know anyway out of it. We’re struggling to somehow manage to squeeze ourselves out but we fail to find a balance, and when you lose your equilibrium, how do you gain it back? When you lose yourself while making your way through a labyrinth of emotional strings, you realize that when you start losing bits and pieces of yourself, the entire purpose of finding equilibrium diminishes and all that truly remains is a hollow shell of the person you once used to be.

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