Jaffa Cakes!

Jaffa Cakes

The first time I had these ooey gooey delights was when I went to Newcastle Upon Tyne with my family for vacation. Circa 2010, those were the days when my friend (childhood family friend) used to call me “Turkish delight”. The name struck me as odd at the time, considering that I wasn’t of Turkish descent and the fact that it was actually the name of a very popular dessert/chocolate by Cadbury. Her reasons for calling me Turkish Delight were mainly due to the fact that most of her friends thought I was Afghani/Turkish at first glance. None of them took me to be a Pakistani. They thought I was lying! So instead of denying that I was Afghani/Turkish I decided to play along. HAHA. Secondly, the other reason why she called me by this delectable name was because she thought I was in fact a “sweet delight” I still recall how she used to tease me over it while singing “Suga suga how you get so fly? Suga suga how you get so fly?” by Baby Bash. (No I’m not getting teary eyed here…nope not one bit, I just have something in both my eyes)

This friend of mine and I go way back. She happens to be my father’s childhood friend’s daughter and I happen to have known her all my life. I spent more than half of my childhood with her and I can never forget our crazy sleepovers and excessive board game addiction. The funniest part was; as much as we loved spending hours and hours on the special edition Simpsons Monopoly at my place or Ludo or Carom, we fought just as much. We danced to the songs of the freshly released Sharukh Khan, Preity Zinta starrer “Kal Ho Na Ho” we sang our hearts out, we even attended the same tuition centers for a brief period and bitched about our ruthless, inconsiderate tutor for being harsh on her little brother!

It’s amazing how one little thing can remind you of an array of past events in your life. I started this post with Jaffa Cakes (which I happen to love btw) I was craving them, and mourning the fact that they aren’t available outside the United Kingdom, #SadLife and here I am, reminiscing some of the most amazing, carefree days of my life. Oh how I miss them! Sometimes I just wish I could somehow travel back to those times….so I found a way to do that. I realized that the power of thought.. of imagination has the ability to travel faster than light, as a result of which, I can travel back to any place at any given time just by closing my eyes for a brief moment. It feels as if I’m physically present there, only that it’s all in my head but so real at the same time, and in that moment, I’ve reached my happy place. You should try it too, it really works! 🙂

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