Closure, cynosure

Beautifully stated.

Bill Pearse

29th VII 2015

Climbed the dead end road Beth lives on barefoot with a glass of wine to admire the moon. Hoped I’d see the bear that’s been shitting in her yard. Speculated all month what made the scat and convinced now, it’s bear. Always goes in the same spot. Put on some Billie Holiday CD that spills out through the windows into the night like it belongs there. Sat for a while on the deck by the plastic hummingbird mobile that lights up, our last night in the States. No room I sit in feels right.

Thought about this word Closure and what it means. My friend Steve asked why I wanted to see my old boss, for closure? and he was right, I didn’t get it. Closure is this psychological healing, like if you lose a kid or your husband goes missing in the war, you…

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