Hussain Ibn Ali: The Torchbearer of Humanity

The light of hope.
The light of hope.

I’ve been MIA for so long now, it’s hard to keep track.  Lately, life has been pretty nutty and let’s just assume that I’m allergic to nuts…yeah severely allergic. Anyhow, life isn’t about straight lines…I mean seriously? the day it becomes a straight line, dude you’re on your way to climb the stairway to heaven or hell or whatever it is that you believe in (open-minded individual RIGHT HERE) you get my drift eh? You always do, and even if you don’t, Meh.

An Insight into Life…

There are certain events in an individual’s life that completely alter his/her outlook.  Whether they’re at a personal, deeper level or a more external level, they have an impact on the way you perceive things. Such instances really change you, they become deciding factors in your life. When you fall face first, when you feel there’s no hope, when you’ve lost faith in all humanity, that is when you direct your gaze towards Hussain (A.S) – The epitome of ultimate conviction and humanity in all it’s glory.

Hussain (A.S) inspires billions, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. He is the light at the end of the tunnel for every human being who has ever felt let down by the harsh realities of this world. Whenever you feel that you’ve been taken advantage of, whenever you feel that you have been cheated and fooled, whenever you feel that the hopes and expectations you’ve tied with worldly interactions have been shattered, when everything around you seems like an illusion, look at the teachings of Hussain Ibn Ali. Take guidance from him, for he teaches mankind to love the ones who even hurt us, to sacrifice everything in the name of the Greater Love, to be patient in the most trying of times, to stand up for what we believe in and never go against our principles.

I’ve learned so much by looking at the life of Hussain, I’ve become spiritually awakened, and utterly reliant on the benevolence and mercy of God, for He is who sets everything straight, and He is the best of planners. Although I’m not nearly as great as I strive to be, I really really don’t have the ability to love the people who hurt me (I try) but I’m only human and that too an emotionally charged one and some people really don’t deserve to be loved after all the pain they inflict but nevertheless…the point here is; you don’t have to take revenge, you don’t have to keep the burning desire of vengeance in your heart, fate does all the leg work while you be patient and sit back. Everything sets itself straight in due time. Injustice and tyranny have a fatal end, history always repeats itself. Just. Don’t. Lose. Hope.

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