Que Sera Sera (What Will be, Will be)



Que Sera Sera is a very popular Spanish phrase  that means; what will be, will be. It also happens to be a song by Doris Day but that isn’t the reason why I’m writing this post today. I heard someone use this phrase the other day and I thought about it long and hard. We, as humans have become so accustomed to crying over things that are not under our control, we cry over “spilled milk” more often than we should, even after hearing it numerous times from our mothers and grandmothers…”Dear/Meri Jaan, there’s no point crying over spilled milk, let it go.” It has practically been drilled inside our heads since we were little, and yet, we fail to acknowledge its significance.

Life is not a straight line, the moment it becomes a straight line, it ends. It has to have those ups and downs, those irregular rhythms to make it livable, to make you feel alive. Time is a crucial element, the good can’t last for too long and the bad can’t either. It’s just how the universe works. The moment the good times start rolling in, some thing comes along to neutralize it, to give you a harsh reality check and stroke you with condolences – There there bro, your life can’t be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The lesson here is that sometimes, some things are just not in our control, there are some aspects of life that just need to be let go, you have to accept the fact that, that the sand has slipped from your hands, you can’t vacuum specks of time and then empty the dust bag. What had to be, has already happened, that is the way fate decided it, and if you’re one of those who believe that fate is some voluntary mumbo-jumbo , that it doesn’t occur inherently and is rather acquired through (insert various synonyms of hard-work here) then I’m afraid you’re in for a harsh reality check. While hard-work is a deciding factor in our lives, fate or kismet plays an equally important role. you just have to have your stars aligned together at the right time.  Just keep moving forward, it’s easier said than done but you have to. Regrets never got anyone anywhere.

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