Trial and Error

Life is but a series of calculated miscalculations, and then some. Humans are such complex, yet simple creatures – an oxymoron in itself. We are the well oiled machines of the now and here that work on the principles of tribulations, tests and innumerable errors.

We create an argument in our heads and provide the counter argument too. We try to be our best selves for the sake of our well being and also the utter bliss of that part of our society that condemns and scrutinizes us. We contradict ourselves don’t we?

We say we want to live for ourselves, and yet, manage to be puppets controlled by the manipulative, cold hands of the society. They say “trying” is as good as doing something in actuality. They don’t tell you that the word “trying” is defined as a derogatory term in life’s manual.

When you try to put in extra effort, when you try to run things smoothly, when you literally bend over backwards to keep the ones close to you happy, it is of no consequence. You have to gradually learn to take things with a pinch of salt, life’s like that. People always believe in what they see, they appreciate superficiality, but fail to see the countless attempts of effort an individual might be making without the pomp and show. They will look past all that and their actions will make way for things that are directly disrespectful to you.

“Trying” doesn’t exist in Pakistan and it’s stereotypical conservative, close minded culture – which more or less makes up at least 80 percent of the population. Your efforts are never appreciated, you’re always taken for granted in this society when you care too much. You’re never given due credit and respect.

They expect you to let go of your self respect and focus on being the fake kind of happy with a smile plastered to your face. Why are we even conditioned to care about what others think of us?

Ultimately, what we do, what we feel, and what makes us happy is between us and God, so why do we make it about the people? People are mere mortals. They mean nothing. So why do we have to force ourselves to be something we’re not for the sake of maintaining appearances? It’s deception of the most ruthless kind. We’re not only deceiving others, we’re most significantly betraying ourselves.

When you fool yourself by keeping expectations higher than the ceiling, you’ll get hurt. Nobody in the world will give you the appreciation and acceptance/ credit you’re looking for, you have to find it within yourself and only rely on God for it.

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