Love is…

Love is when you don’t give up even when you really want to.

Love is when you understand the needs and wants of your other half.

Love is when affection doesn’t feel imposed and implied – it comes from within and you express it.

Love is when a kiss, isn’t amiss.

Love is when you give hugs even when the other person doesn’t want them.

Love is when she wants you all to herself.

Love is when it’s a war zone one moment and the next it’s a little piece of heaven.

Love isn’t when you snatch her rights from her.

Love isn’t when he says he cares but his actions don’t match.

Love isn’t when you neglect her and feed your ego instead.

Love isn’t when she wants to be held and you decide that your video games are superior.

Love isn’t when you rest your head in her lap and you snub her when she tries to communicate.

Love isn’t when you shun her for wanting common ground.

Love isn’t love if it’s singular.

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