He Didn’t Make Me Malala

(A THROWBACK to one of the articles I wrote for a local news website, circa 2015)


A new documentary based on Nobel Peace Prize winning Malala Yousafzai’s life is all set to be released in October.  Oscar winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim has made the documentary.  The documentary “He Named Me Malala” is an account of Malala’s life through her family’s as well as her own perspective. 

The official trailer of the documentary has several riveting lines such as: “There is a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or to stand up” and ““They shot me on the left part of my head. They thought that the bullet would silence us and would stop our struggle. I am the same Malala.”

The documentary also includes Malala’s family giving little insights on her life and their experience throughout her ordeal. For some, Malala Yousafzai is a giant hoax fueled by political agenda, but for some she is a modern day hero, striving for better education for girls.

According to the comments on the trailer posted on the Malala Fund Facebook page, there are hoards of people who believe in the cause that she is fighting for and have tremendous respect for her.

One comment said: “I’m going to need a case of tissues to watch this! I cry with pride and with hope. You have the soul of the original muse of education. I’m proud to live in your lifetime and be witness to your grace.” In another comment it was stated: “I couldn’t be more eager about this, for Malala to share her story so openly and personally with the world, to raise awareness and inspire action. The trailer wet my eyes with tears. My son and I will be there when it opens.”

“I will definitely be taking my daughter Virginia to see this. Malala’s story has been such an inspiration & motivation for her, and many others” said, another individual.  Malala’s story has evoked a myriad of emotions among individuals of all ages. This is a story that not only motivates children; it forms a sense of responsibility in everyone. While there are people who remain skeptic about Malala’s story, it can be said that Malala’s story, whether true or false, is a moving one.

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