Detachment and Happiness


I read a friend’s blogpost the other day. It really got me thinking how detachment is essential in life. While I was still pondering over that, I realized how detachment and happiness are interconnected.

Is there a thing as too much love? Hmm..not in my dictionary. However, if I look back, if there’s anything that these past few years have taught me, it’s that love is subjective and sometimes loving something or someone too much can lead to misery instead of bliss. Family always comes first, blood is thicker than water, yada yada yada…I could add a few more phrases based on loving your kith and kin regardless of circumstances but you get my drift, right? The point is, even loving your immediate family too much can have its setbacks. The thing about love and happiness is; there will be suffering involved. I once read this somewhere that the ones closest to us tend to hurt us the most – It is now that I realize, it isn’t them who hurt us, it is we who build those expectations with the smothering love we shower them with. When you love something a little more than what might be deemed ‘okay’, it can be taken for granted. The pain and hurt can come from anyone, occasionally from our ‘flesh and blood’ as well.

You love them a lot? They love you too, but your way of expressing probably shows through your actions whereas theirs is underlying, in the form of prayers or internal gratification and evaluations. Sometimes, we just don’t understand the way someone else might express love, and that hurts. So, to avoid all that misery, it’s important to detach yourself, to an extent where every little detail doesn’t bother you and you don’t go down the spiral of overthinking (a.k.a me, not really haha…no seriously) pffft!. Detaching yourself from the emotional aspect of things is so vital in order to lead a happier, healthier life. It aids in leading a simpler, more fulfilling life, helps in moving forward and letting go.

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