Tossed Feathers

“You are you and will always be, I am me and yet not so much. You are green with a dash of red, I am pink with a hint of ivory. Dusky yet milky, a vivid illustration. Do ‘You’ still like biting into watermelons oh beaky human friend? You know I always imagined you differently – akin to my feathered friend.

You are you, always and forever, you and I; not so much. ”

Let’s seal this letter with a wax seal, she said. “What shall the stamp say” he said. After much thought, she replied, “Nothing at all”

He asked, “Why is that?

She looked at him intently and said, “For meaningful nothingness is far better than a presumed something. Let it be, for ‘the one’ will know it when he sees it.”

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