Woah Woe

It has been awfully long since I felt the urge to pen down my feelings. There’s a plethora of raw, suppressed emotions that needs to flow and I’m having a hard time letting it slip – perhaps my verbose sorcery has become rusty.

I’ve lost motivation to write and it feels absurd even laying it out there, but I need to come to terms with reality. It repulses me to say this but I have been so belittled over my little day-to-day reveries that I had to put a halt to it. Writing has always been my true calling – my solace and I stopped putting it out there, because people around me degraded me for it.

I have felt my near and dear comment on how my writing depicts some deep rooted sadness and that I’m not content with life. It boggles me how as humans, our idea of happiness is so flawed and one-dimensional. To all the presumptive individuals who think they have someone figured out just because of their pseudo-intellectual, colonized selves, the jokes on them.

The issue with people residing in the Pakistani society is that they were colonized years ago and never got out of that superficial “gora” (white) supremacist mentality. Everything we do is a contradiction in itself – in the race to become like the very westerners we sought independence from, we have lost sight of who we are and we tear each other down in the process.

The question is, why do people have to make everything about themselves, and why is their vanity becoming a global epidemic? Alas! Years and years of conditioning can’t change in a jiffy.

Stating the relevant; if a person shares a piece of writing, it is to be read as is, free of judgment. If you’re making the effort to go to an individual’s personal blog, then have the ability to take in all that person has to offer or just don’t indulge.

I have a friend who posts some very questionable things on his social media platforms, some people might even take him to be a halfwit, and downright crazy – but in actuality that’s just his warped sense of humor. I’ve known him personally so I know he’s a great friend. What he posts on his personal platforms is none of my concern, if I don’t agree with something I simply don’t interact with it and move on. See what I did there? That’s me being an educated, liberated individual. Is that so hard?

You don’t get to keep the parts you love and discard the ones you don’t. We humans are fragile beings, we have no right to be inhumane towards each other. A single impulsive action can have a lasting effect on a loved one. Stop criticizing others and tearing them down with your words, the molten Earth beneath our feet is cruel as it is, why be ruthless towards your kith and kin? Free yourself from old judgements, open your mind, don’t miscalculate, and create the space for new understanding.

Peace and love for all.

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