An Answer

She wrote him a letter that day, one of those with a wax seal. She pondered upon the idea of sending it, letting it sit on the table a little longer. She reread what she wrote:

You wrote me something, little somethings, a while ago. I read them all, felt them and weeped. I couldn’t fathom how to reply, now that my circumstances are so different and yours too. You and I made the perfect pair. We were two terribly broken individuals who met and united as one in the form of friendship and understanding. Ours was a great friendship, it wasn’t anything but that. A bond like friendship is the basis for everything else and we had that.

There were many things amiss, we fought, there were issues unresolved but we were there for each other albeit through our numerous digital platforms. We weren’t the usual run of the mill – you and me. We set the world on fire by just being us, but our time wasn’t right and we weren’t meant to be in each other’s lives. The green bird is no longer there, he’s gone. There’s another one but its not the same thing. I still love them though, you know me, I love birds and animals in general. I don’t drink coffee anymore – owing to the fact that I’m perhaps older and wiser and perhaps because I’m not as daring as I used to be back then.

Those were some good times, times that will always be cherished, but sometimes that’s all we can do, cherish the moments and relive them in our memories. I wish you nothing but the very best, I wish we had had this chat sooner, but I was too afraid to answer. I didn’t want to unleash the demons inside. There were times when I wanted to see you face to face and say some things, but it never felt right, and I knew it would’ve made things worse. You might not have even agreed, but its only fair to write this and tell you and myself that this is it. We can’t hide from what we were once, we are not the same people and the circumstances are not the same, but we remember everything and that is the beauty of moments cherished. This is what I had to say to you, had been meaning to since a while but couldn’t bring myself to. The last goodbye.


Once Beloved

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