The Final Answer

She sat down once again and put pen to paper. She had this nagging feeling that there was a lot left unsaid and it was all hanging in the air.

My Dearest,

I’m writing this to you today to tell you that you reside within me – etched deep into my skin. I have tried tremendously to wipe off your traces but you left your mark. You live and breath in my words, as I write this, you are coming to life within these lines, you know you’d always been my muse. I wrote and spoke more about you than anything else.

I saw you in my dream the other day, your smile had stretched out the dimples on your cheeks that I adored, and it all felt so real in that moment. Your smile melted my insides even in my dream, I woke up and realized that I had to write to you. I couldn’t keep running from you, from us. I couldn’t hide from the reality we once shared. I was perplexed as to why I used to have such lucid dreams about you, but I realized that it was the only way to keep our memory alive.

I cherish the moments we once shared, our bond was special – so special that I find it hard to find that with anyone else now. Partnerships like ours only come once in a lifetime. It was so easy being us, we spoke about our lives with so much ease, shared it and kept it safe amongst ourselves. Its now that I realize that these memories are precious, and I hold on to them and go back to them when I’m blue. Its absurd how a person can feel happy and sad at the same time.

“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” I wonder if you remember this, I wonder if you still have that tiny piece of paper. I wonder if you now know what it actually meant for us. It’s all a distant memory now, I know, my love. I know its all in the past now, but you’ll have me praying for you and wishing you well, and I know you’d do justice to the love we once shared. You’ll never be alone, you’ll have a friend in me – whenever you need since falsity was never my strong suit. Some relationships defy the laws of space and time and ours is no less.

Goodbye, love.

She sealed the letter and pondered whether she should send it or hide it in her drawers with the rest of his memorabilia. While she contemplated her next step, she came across a heart shaped ribbon lying inside the drawer, she wiped a tear from her eye and remembered.

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