Speak What you Would Like to Hear

“Speak a good word or remain silent”

– Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)

Words have the ability to make us or break us, but we seldom pay attention to them. I’ve thought a lot about social and personal issues lately and have come to the conclusion that unless people can visualize your pain, they can never comprehend the magnanimity of your misery.

Why is it that emotional and mental abuse is brushed under the rug like a vacuous gimmick to seek attention whereas being beaten up black and blue is considered newsworthy?

I can’t comprehend why people choose to turn their faces to emotional abuse, and continue to play with people’s minds. A person who suffers through emotional and mental torture keeps suffering in silence while the whole world carries on with their lives.

You can’t prove your suffering unless you have wounds to show for it and that is the sad reality of our society. So what does a woman do, should she hide her emotionally bruised self from the world and let the them assume that her perpetrators are innocent or should she stand up for herself and bring forth her state of misery?

I wonder when our country will step out of the stone age and let people be as they please and stop making lives so difficult. If someone is happy being in love with someone, let them be. If they’re happy being married to a man then let them be, let the man and wife be happy together, don’t try to break their relationship through your callous existence. You don’t know how your actions and your inconsiderate words can affect somebody so use them wisely.

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