Me and Mrs. Jones

Jazzy nights and sunlit breezy afternoons

“Me and Mrs. Jones…we got a thing going on”…Bublè croons in my ears as I type away on my phone’s keyboard with my now short nailed stubby looking fingers. I wasn’t ever one to keep long nails but I’ve always liked a good manicure every month or two. Now, however, things are different, I like keeping my nails long and shaped in the shape of narrow spoons since my husband prefers those akin to his own mother’s beautiful hands.

This is actually the first thing he pointed out to me after we got engaged – he told me that my hands resemble his mother’s. I found it saccharine at the time, and it was a compliment considering his mother has nice hands.

Circling back to my now short nails and stubby looking fingers – I owe them to my little munchkin. I keep my nails short to avoid scratches and scuffs. Looking back at my younger self – I always had music in my ears. My headphones were a permanent feature in my ears, they were like an extended part of my body.

I used to feel extremely relaxed with the music blasting in my ears, I even slept with my (then) wired white friends in my ears. Oh what a bliss it was, I wonder why technology keeps evolving and circling back to square one. The AirPods were a thing of the future at the time (4 years to be precise) and wired, tangled headphones were still socially acceptable, now without wires, you only have to worry about losing the entire headphone itself not the tangled mess.

The other day I was reading an article pertaining to the dilemma of losing your AirPods, an ingenious idea arose from the ashes, you will never guess what it was! It was a cord attachment for your AirPods to stay in place! Humans are so strange..We invent something and then we go and invent another thing to deal with the previous issues and while you’re at it, you’re back to square one.

Even though I still have Bublé playing in the background, I no longer wear my headphones all the time, it usually plays on the fuchsia Bluetooth speaker in my room or on my phone’s loudspeaker. As much as I’d like to be my late teen – early twenties college self, I can’t be. We all evolve as individuals, we change and our preferences shift as well.

Hmm…but the one thing that doesn’t have to change is your taste in music – mine hasn’t. I still have an eclectic playlist, only that I’ve added one more genre to it, but that’s another post for another time.

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