What Is That Song About?

“Me and Mrs. Jones, we got a thing going on, and we both know it’s wrong, but it’s much too strong to let it go now….”

So this post has stemmed from my previous post, I figured since I’m on a writing spree at the moment – this sudden inspiration that has hit like a thunderbolt, I might as well write away! By now, you guys know I’m an avid jazz listener, but I do have other genres in my mix (more on that later as promised).

I was listening to Me and Mrs. Jones yesterday, which is originally sung by Billy Paul but I like the Michael Bublé version. My husband and I have polarizing tastes in almost everything and our choice in music is no less. (MashaAllah). He can’t seem to fathom why I would want to listen to Jazz, and Soul when one could listen to meaningful poetry in the form of Sufi music (Qawwali).

The lyrics in Me and Mrs. Jones are beautifully strung together. They tell a tale of old world romance, a man and a woman, having an extramarital affair, all the while knowing that it’s wrong. They revel in their quiet meetings at the familiar cafe, where they share a few moments together and return to their obligations at home.

Although I don’t agree with extramarital flings, I do feel what this song is trying to depict is beautiful in itself. It’s a romance that is only for two people to share and rejoice and it doesn’t have to have a definitive direction just that they both enjoy each other’s company and go back to their responsibilities after their little rendezvous.

Pakistan wouldn’t be the most ideal place to have an affair to remember. The people aren’t mindful enough to understand the dynamics of a relationship be it platonic or romantic. They still can’t stand seeing a female and male sitting together as friends let alone one of them or both are married and meet as friends to let go of their every day worries.

Is it considered cheating if you have a crush on someone while being married? If you don’t act upon it like Mrs. Jones does, is it still a crime thinking of another while you’re in a committed relationship? My opinion is yet to be formed, so I can’t say really if it’s right or wrong. It really varies from person to person in such instances. Maybe…it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum? Only time can tell.

P.S I’ve added a link to the song, above , give it a listen and tell me what you think!)

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