My Playlist Hasn’t Changed

While on the topic of music, I stumbled upon the fact that my taste hasn’t changed since 2007. My iPod touch recently gave away after being a loyal companion for more than a decade and I was devastated that I lost all the music that I had accumulated all those years and the memories along with that.

Lucky for me that my middle brother Aeza has pretty much the same playlist as mine and he has it saved in his laptop so all is not lost! Part of my eclectic taste comes from my siblings, I’m the youngest so I grew up very quickly amongst people twice my age.

I practically lived vicariously through them all that while, being the baby of the family comes with a hefty price tag – and I’m learning that more so than ever after entering practical life. I was a pretty lonely kid and (a lonelier adult I feel) but I don’t understand why being alone necessarily have to be a bad thing.

I came across a video by Dr. Shefali (Psychologist) the other day on Instagram and what she said really resonated with me. She said that we deem loneliness as a bad thing that needs to be escaped, it doesn’t have to be like that, you first have to learn to be at ease with yourself, be happy at your own pace and then you can have company if you like. You can’t truly be happy if you’re searching for your happiness someplace else, nobody can fill your void except you.

My music was my solace, I didn’t realize how good it was in accompanying my thoughts, it was soothing and reassuring. It’s amazing how so much can change in a decade but yet so much remains untouched.

I still listen to John Mayer, Pink Floyd, The Corrs, The Beegees, Michael Bublé, Elvis, Röyksopp, B.B King, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar, Old Pakistani and Indian songs – to name just a few. These were my constants, I’ll compile a song list some day (InshaAllah) and share it here with you guys.

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