Unpublished Letters: Love at Oktoberfest

Love at Oktoberfest.

I never expected to meet my soul mate at Oktoberfest. As an American girl traveling abroad to this epic festival, I went for the free-flowing beer, the crazy party atmosphere and the slight chance for a make-out session with a foreigner. Attending the fair in Munich with a friend, we were one of the first ones in line for the Hofbräuhaus tent and claimed a standing table in the middle of it all to be able to mingle.

It just so happened to be diagonal from a group of 6 Brits that we ended up chatting to who shared their table with us for the remainder of the day. Once we started talking about what we do, my crazy passion for travel came out and sparked a connection between me and the one not-so-talkative (until that point) boy at the table.

Karl and I realized how much in common we had through our conversation that followed – so much so that we even shared our first (drunken) kiss. After I tried to keep up with the guys’ drinking ability, pounding the steins, resulting in later on throwing up outside the tent (even onto my new crush’s shoes), I thought I would never see him again as I was practically carried by my friend away from the tent. Fast forward a few hours later after a much needed nap session of sobering up, my friend revealed that she had exchanged numbers with Karl to let him know we got home safe.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more ecstatic in my life. I immediately text him and received an instant response. What followed for the next year and a half were several messages/FaceTimes a day and trips to meet up abroad in new countries to make our long distance relationship work.

We often think about all the things that could’ve prevented us from ever meeting, from Karl’s group of friends originally planning to go to a different tent to us almost having chosen another table to sit at. However, fate has a way of making sure nothing gets in the way.

Sent by: Jaime

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