12 Things You Need To Read Right Now

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

The one positive outcome of these uncertain times is that they have compelled us to pause and think. We’re so accustomed to our personalized versions of the ‘Game of Life’ that we seldom pause to rethink our mundane existence. Well, that stops right here, here are twelve things you need to read to get yourself back on track:

1. Stop overthinking about the future, the future is immensely unpredictable and no amount of anxiety can change it. Take it from a person who gets anxious at the drop of a hat; it doesn’t help in the long run.

2. Set boundaries, and don’t let other people take charge of your life. You don’t want to spend your life being in situations and doing things you absolutely detest.

3. Relationships are important. Make the effort to maintain your relationships, even if that means making a personal sacrifice from time to time.

4. As cliché as this sounds, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t let others make you feel guilty for anything. Anything bad that happens in your life isn’t always your fault, don’t beat yourself up about it.

5. Fate plays a significant role in your life, the sooner you accept it, the more at ease you are. Even if somethings don’t pan out the way you thought they would, there’s not much you can do by crying over it, you can either choose to live with it or make a decision to change your circumstances.

6. Everything in life is transient – the good and the bad. It is up to you how you mold that in your favor.

7. Don’t just settle. Don’t settle for a job or a prospective partner just because you’re comfortable with the idea and are attached to it. If you have doubts, now is the time to leave, the longer you remain there, the harder it becomes to leave.

8. Love isn’t an all binding force like the one we see glorified in fiction. Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a relationship work no matter how hard you try.

9. Rejection is better than remorse. If you love somebody, let them know, it’s far better than a life spent wondering.

10. The amount of money you make has nothing to do with your self esteem. The more you chase after it, the more you fear losing it. Invest in experiences that make you feel good rather than material possessions.

11. It is so important to surround yourself with the right people. Having history with someone doesn’t define the quality of the relationship, you don’t have to spend time with them just for the sake of it.

12. Learn to say no and stop being afraid of it. Your ‘no’ doesn’t have to be followed by a monologue and you don’t have to feel guilty over it.

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