Reliving Fond Memories

Sometimes talking to the people you’re close to can be so rewarding. I had an hour long conversation with one of my bros. He’s actually my best friend’s elder brother but he’s like a brother and a dear friend to me. We spoke after quite a while and it was extremely refreshing.

We spoke about how life was in the first semester of college and how he was our senior and us juniors were a crazy bunch who were up to no good. My best friend and I have spent some of the best times together and what binds us is those memories. It’s amazing how some friends become an integral part of our lives and even our families accept them as their own.

My Agha Jee, (that’s the word we use for dad in our household), has always been so warm towards my friends, loving them like his own, sharing anecdotes with them, and even playing the guitar at get togethers, while we all sang in sync.

My mum on the other hand has another way of showing love, she’d jokingly pester my best friend about telling her more about our life in college and that we were both peas of the same pod who had nothing better to do than be used and abused by other people (strictly with regards to our academics).

My best friend and I had a policy, some might think it’s silly, but we were naive and kind at the same time and that is a dangerous combination in this big bad world. We had developed a policy of helping people achieve better grades in class, sometimes that meant doing other people’s work for them out of sheer friendship.

In retrospect, I feel that it was a disservice to those who didn’t get to learn on their own and dumped all their workload on us. There was a time when my best buddy, did about 75 percent of our classmates’ assignments, and I remember telling him to knock it off, but he did what he had to, after all he was practically fathering one of our classmates, namely; MA*.

Group assignments were the worse, not only did we have to do our own work, we had to take the burden of the entire group. Even if some of them did manage to get some work done, we had to edit and omit stuff to get better grades. We weren’t arrogant, we were just people who liked working hard and reveled in our academic achievements.

M*, mentioned to me how I had left an impact on people’s lives without even knowing it. I found it hard to believe since I was always the sort who believed the good in people regardless of what other people said about them and I chose to assist everyone in their endeavors.

I never thought my actions were impactful in the literal sense. One of our mutual friends posted an Instagram Live video the other day where she took mine and M’s name, stating that we had a great impact on the quality of her life in college, hearing this made my day. The fact that after all these years, she chose to acknowledge our bond behind my back goes to show her strength of character and made me feel that I might have unknowingly made a difference in someone’s life.

It’s wonderful knowing that you’ve made an impact. M and I kept babbling about fond memories some good and some not so good and our set of friends. It was lovely reminiscing the old days. Sometimes all you need is a conversation with an old friend to brighten up your day.

*to protect the person’s privacy only their initials have been used.

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