An Addict In A Candystore

Is it strange that some of my best writing brews at odd hours of the night? I don’t think so. My writing flows freely after free flown conversations that inspire me. I usually have deep conversations at odd hours with my kith and kin and it ignites a spark inside me.

Perhaps conversation is my drug, my solace and my fuel to write. I write when I’m stimulated (in more than one way) at the risk of being risqué here but as a mature adult, I have no reason to feel ashamed of my sexuality just because I’m a woman. Yes perhaps, the society I reside in shuns it, but we are paving the way for future discussion by talking about socially unacceptable things, today.

Women should be able to talk about what they feel like, and when you’re a writer it kind of just comes with the territory, you absolutely have to let go of your inhibitions in order to have a voice. I’m not nearly as bold as my writing might portray to some, but that’s the idea, fake it till you make it, baby?

I’m taking an online writing course with Margaret Atwood these days and it has inspired me to become fiercer and bolder in terms of expression. You cannot be afraid and be a writer, and if you have legitimate fears, you can hide behind a pseudonym and tell your story.

The most important thing is, find your mojo, totally off topic but this reminds me of Jojo the singer, Modjo the French music duo, Modjo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls and a dear family friend of mine recently mentioned how his high school nickname was Jojo, I found it cute (more on that some other day). Circling back to the original thought, find what clicks for you and stick to it.

Finding your mojo is key to writing well, and writing to be read. When I started writing this blog, I was full of apprehension, I didn’t think people would read it and I didn’t think I was ready to share my personal life with the world. I’m inherently an intimate individual, I’m guarded with most people except a few handful who care to peel the layers, I don’t like disclosing too much too soon and to everyone.

So, when I started writing initially, I was hiding behind my fear, while my writing was good, people liked it, it wasn’t really the soulful, meaningful stuff I actually wanted to talk about. I gradually broke out of my shell and began writing freely and with that came strength.

I’m not saying that I’ve laid it all out even now, I really haven’t, however there is a part of me in everything you read here, and if it speaks to you, it means I have shed enough of myself to spark that shared sense of familiarity and vulnerability – we have formed a connection.

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