Dear God

“Dear God, put your kind hands on us, bless us and keep us safe from all harms forever” this is the prayer that we said in the afternoon before we left the classroom to head home. I studied in a Convent and these daily rituals shaped the individual that I am today, so much that I still remember this prayer after a decade.

As we grow older, our basic needs and prayers pretty much stay the same. Our words might differ but the thought remains the same and that’s the beauty of speaking to God.

Dear God, I’ve always been a little too afraid of being ungrateful. I’ve always been afraid of your wrath, but there are times when I question everything in life and your fear keeps me from expressing my feelings, the fear of disobeying you and angering you. I would hate to face your wrath – to be penalized, and yet I can’t help but ask myself all these questions.

Questions of my purpose and my existence, my true existence. I realize I’m not perfect, in fact far from it but I fail to understand the perplexities of life. I question my naivety, why was this childlike innocence my birthright?

God, you are the creator and the master, I love you, and I’m forever grateful for all that you have blessed me with, but sometimes my foolish human mind derails and questions the mundane.

Why do good people go through rough patches? My mother once told me that the way to get through tough situations is to be patient – perhaps she particularly meant failing relationships and a loveless existence or perhaps she was referring to the headless chicken who lost track of itself in the chaos of losing it’s head.

O’ God, I’m humbled with gratitude for your benevolence and I wish to be protected and also guided towards patience and tolerance so that I can rise up to be a better human being.

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