Some Flowers Bloom in April

So you decided yesterday. You decided you no longer wanted to be a part of this world so you left for the next. They say not all flowers bloom in April, some take their time. You took your time, a brief moment and decided you had done blooming, this April the flowers refused to bloom.

You decided you needed time at your own pace leaving the worries of the world so here we are mourning what we had, mourning what we have lost. This hollow emptiness that is all encompassing, this dark pit, the gut wrenching melancholia is here to stay. This feeling is lingering, perhaps it will linger, for as long as we know.

I hope you’re happy there, in the seventh sky. I hope you’d get all that you wanted and all that you deserved and so much more. You went away and took your shadow along, the shade that kept us cool and guarded – that sense of relief and protection is lost now. This sudden nakedness, the sense of utter vulnerability is frightening. Who do we pick up and call for advice when that person becomes one with the air?

Now that you’ve vanished into thin air, the air around has become more fragrant carrying your sweetness and warmth inside it. It rained yesterday, the weather was breezy and oh so beautiful. It’s as if the day had dulled itself to welcome your being into another realm. It’s as if the sky poured down and cooled down the earth you were meant to go underneath. They welcomed you with open arms.

I hope you have daal chaawal without tardqa there and lots of fruit and sweets and tea filled with milk. I hope you wear your favorite lipstick shade and are at peace. May you rest in peace – the Honeysuckle that refused to bloom again.

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