What Makes People Want Love

What exactly is it that makes two people click? Is it the pheromones or something else? Something deeper? I’ve always contemplated the idea of a greater love, a love that transcends beyond the physical realm and sets deep into your soul.

Call me a romantic – I think romantic comedies set in New York City have a certain zing to them, they just strike a chord. Those glistening lights and the streets could give life to dead leaves rustling on the sidewalk – basically just about anything.

An artist or writer would walk past them perhaps even stepping on them in the process and they’d decide to paint a picture or write a scene reminiscent of those earth hued leaves. That’s the magic of the right place at the right time – It does that to people, you bring things to life you didn’t even think needed to be given life to.

Love is a subjective term, what we fall for is what I would like to call “Matchy Matchy”, or in formal terms the “Mental Imprint” phenomenon. We subconsciously imprint on the person and fall for those elements that are the same as ours. So falling in love is a pretty calculated response, it’s hardly ever a love at first sight situation – that stuff doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Love is as love does, why it happens and with whom and with what particular things, is a total mystery. We feel attracted to the things we think would elevate us, that make us feel safe but at the same time teeters at the edge of danger.

When we imprint on each other at the same time – that’s a connection that’s electrifying and that is what we term as love. The right time, the right place, the right circumstances, it all needs to he aligned in your favor, if you’re lucky, you’ll have it going your way, you’ll have it all, and if you’re not, you might end up inside a labyrinth of mistakes that can’t be rectified.

Everyone talks about how love happens, let’s talk about why we want it in the first place. Why do we require companionship? Why do we yearn for the human touch? Why do we fantasize over the idea of having somebody to call ours, when in reality nothing is truly ours. You and me, we are not our own, so how can we claim someone as ours or be their’s entirely? This is all for the benefit of the human mind; whatever satiates it. The thirst can’t be quenched for some mortal beings it’s a means for suffering, the manmade variety of love is so transient. It’s not meant to last.

Why not form a lasting connection with the one love that binds us all? Think about it. Let the light enter where the scar is.

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