The Crossroads of Life

Credits : Google Images

I’ve always been a pretty straightforward person. My whole life has been a series of blacks and whites – no grey. I can say so with certainty that even if I did accidentally slip into the grey area, I slipped out as quickly. It comes as a surprise to me at this point in life that I’m contemplating dwelling in the grey a little longer than necessary.

Why though? As with all things pertaining to me, there have to be questions and the answers must be found. I like getting to the root and heart of things, people and situations. I don’t like the idea of incompleteness, or a purpose unfulfilled. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I have always had an issue letting go of what doesn’t serve me any longer, I hold on, searching for answers.

My process usually begins with myself, I search my soul for solutions, when I don’t get the right answers, I rummage through the rest of the debris. In some ways, I like broken things, I’m a little broken myself, and I enjoy others who are chipped and cracked around the edges just like me. The Japanese have a beautiful way of preserving broken objects, they fill them with gold. It’s called Kintsugi, (rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?) and I strongly support the idea of fixing and beautifying flaws rather than condemning them to the pits of darkness.

How beautiful is it to understand that something is broken and you fill it with light and love, a color, a hue of your choice and accept it as a new a beginning. The flaw is evident, but it becomes a thing of beauty much like a beauty mark instead of a scar.

What if humans functioned like that? What if we gave chances to people operating from a place of hurt and suffering, and filled them with gold, or our own shades of red, blue or tangerine and made them belong in a place obsessed with the idea of perfection? The world doesn’t have room for anything less.

Wouldn’t it be liberating to let go of the perception of perfection? Let’s be vulnerable, and utterly broken looking into each other’s eyes, baring it all instead of putting on a facade. Let’s talk to people while looking at them, not hide ourselves and our imperfections, no human is perfect, leave the judgement to the One in the skies.

Circling back to the grey matter (pun intended) I think I feel the need to experience things as they are, and just trust the process. If that means dwelling and mingling in the grey area, so be it. Black and white are classics, but grey is a bold choice. Let’s dive!

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