Unpublished Letters: A Lot Like Love

Mark and I met in college. We were classmates in 3 or 4 subjects. He was one of those typical careless noisy boys always seated at the back, spotting the prettiest girl in the room. And no, it was not me, atleast for his taste. (As he tries to explain to me now, I was […]

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Unpublished Letters: How We Met

I was just going through my old emails (owing to the Covid-19 lockdown) and came across some unpublished letters shared from around the globe. It was a part of a project my friends had set up some time back, with the help of Abscratches but it fizzled out eventually. Some of the letters either made […]

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Flesh and Blood

I love you to the extent that it pinches me to actually think about all the compromises I have to make. I love you to the point of no return, standing at the crossroads, questioning my choices. Questioning my choice to be with you, even after all the pain your actions have caused me, the […]

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The Final Answer

She sat down once again and put pen to paper. She had this nagging feeling that there was a lot left unsaid and it was all hanging in the air. My Dearest, I’m writing this to you today to tell you that you reside within me – etched deep into my skin. I have tried […]

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An Answer

She wrote him a letter that day, one of those with a wax seal. She pondered upon the idea of sending it, letting it sit on the table a little longer. She reread what she wrote: You wrote me something, little somethings, a while ago. I read them all, felt them and weeped. I couldn’t […]

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