Flesh and Blood

I love you to the extent that it pinches me to actually think about all the compromises I have to make. I love you to the point of no return, standing at the crossroads, questioning my choices. Questioning my choice to be with you, even after all the pain your actions have caused me, the […]

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Tossed Feathers

“You are you and will always be, I am me and yet not so much. You are green with a dash of red, I am pink with a hint of ivory. Dusky yet milky, a vivid illustration. Do ‘You’ still like biting into watermelons oh beaky human friend? You know I always imagined you differently […]

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Limpid Pools

Lonely but not alone; a distant cry for help, His yelp – eyes limpid pools of distress Committed to an emotion; a lack of devotion His heart leaped into an abyss, mind and body in bliss Alas! a tale of estrangement, his lovelorn soul Loyalty has a price to pay, a painful death to his […]

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Incisioned Precision

Crystallized thoughts, oh lightning soul has she discovered herself? Her vision was alas! an incision, is it all really a test? Shall the heart be forever locked inside a chest? The bird left its nest, never to look back She was but that needle in a hay stack Her wind-soaked wings; the glimmer in her […]

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