Unpublished Letters: A Lot Like Love

Mark and I met in college. We were classmates in 3 or 4 subjects. He was one of those typical careless noisy boys always seated at the back, spotting the prettiest girl in the room. And no, it was not me, atleast for his taste. (As he tries to explain to me now, I was […]

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What Was I Going To Say?

I just wrote an April Fool’s post and saved it in my drafts instead of posting it. I wasn’t sure if the joke could actually be taken as a joke or be mistaken with the truth since it was inspired by a true story to begin with. Does that make me a coward? Perhaps, or […]

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Unpublished Letters: How We Met

I was just going through my old emails (owing to the Covid-19 lockdown) and came across some unpublished letters shared from around the globe. It was a part of a project my friends had set up some time back, with the help of Abscratches but it fizzled out eventually. Some of the letters either made […]

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My Playlist Hasn’t Changed

While on the topic of music, I stumbled upon the fact that my taste hasn’t changed since 2007. My iPod touch recently gave away after being a loyal companion for more than a decade and I was devastated that I lost all the music that I had accumulated all those years and the memories along […]

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What Is That Song About?

So this post has stemmed from my previous post, I figured since I’m on a writing spree at the moment – this sudden inspiration that has hit like a thunderbolt, I might as well write away! By now, you guys know I’m an avid jazz listener, but I do have other genres in my mix […]

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Me and Mrs. Jones

“Me and Mrs. Jones…we got a thing going on”…Bublè croons in my ears as I type away on my phone’s keyboard with my now short nailed stubby looking fingers. I wasn’t ever one to keep long nails but I’ve always liked a good manicure every month or two. Now, however, things are different, I like […]

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Why Intimacy Matters

Living in a country like Pakistan, talking about anything remotely related to love and romance is a taboo. It is looked down upon like that ugly kid in the family no one wants to admit is ugly but knows deep down that (s)he is. Sex is one of the most natural things amongst human beings […]

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