Birds of the Same Feather

I have never understood why the fake and pretentious are loved and adored more than the realists. What kind of a hypocritical society are we living in really? The same people who talk and slander one person behind their back are now pretending to be the best of friends. I mean, you talk smack about […]

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Woah Woe

It has been awfully long since I felt the urge to pen down my feelings. There’s a plethora of raw, suppressed emotions that needs to flow and I’m having a hard time letting it slip – perhaps my verbose sorcery has become rusty. I’ve lost motivation to write and it feels absurd even laying it […]

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Trial and Error

Life is but a series of calculated miscalculations, and then some. Humans are such complex, yet simple creatures – an oxymoron in itself. We are the well oiled machines of the now and here that work on the principles of tribulations, tests and innumerable errors. We create an argument in our heads and provide the […]

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