Some Flowers Bloom in April

So you decided yesterday. You decided you no longer wanted to be a part of this world so you left for the next. They say not all flowers bloom in April, some take their time. You took your time, a brief moment and decided you had done blooming, this April the flowers refused to bloom. […]

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Experiences That Shape Us

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”- Unknown I read this quote today on the Gratitude app for iOS. It really resonated with me on a deep level. It talks about embracing the good and bad, accepting your past experiences and loving yourself regardless of how things […]

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Flesh and Blood

I love you to the extent that it pinches me to actually think about all the compromises I have to make. I love you to the point of no return, standing at the crossroads, questioning my choices. Questioning my choice to be with you, even after all the pain your actions have caused me, the […]

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Speak What you Would Like to Hear

“Speak a good word or remain silent” – Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) Words have the ability to make us or break us, but we seldom pay attention to them. I’ve thought a lot about social and personal issues lately and have come to the conclusion that unless people can visualize your pain, they can never comprehend […]

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