Why Intimacy Matters

Living in a country like Pakistan, talking about anything remotely related to love and romance is a taboo. It is looked down upon like that ugly kid in the family no one wants to admit is ugly but knows deep down that (s)he is. Sex is one of the most natural things amongst human beings […]

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Flesh and Blood

I love you to the extent that it pinches me to actually think about all the compromises I have to make. I love you to the point of no return, standing at the crossroads, questioning my choices. Questioning my choice to be with you, even after all the pain your actions have caused me, the […]

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Speak What you Would Like to Hear

“Speak a good word or remain silent” – Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) Words have the ability to make us or break us, but we seldom pay attention to them. I’ve thought a lot about social and personal issues lately and have come to the conclusion that unless people can visualize your pain, they can never comprehend […]

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Birds of the Same Feather

I have never understood why the fake and pretentious are loved and adored more than the realists. What kind of a hypocritical society are we living in really? The same people who talk and slander one person behind their back are now pretending to be the best of friends. I mean, you talk smack about […]

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The Bee’s Sting

There comes a point in every individual’s life when you learn to let go. You learn that people will not match your sincerity, neither would they acknowledge your efforts – they are fleeting; hopping from one flower to another like a bee’s erratic flight, and their sting is as brutal. You could spend a lifetime […]

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Trial and Error

Life is but a series of calculated miscalculations, and then some. Humans are such complex, yet simple creatures – an oxymoron in itself. We are the well oiled machines of the now and here that work on the principles of tribulations, tests and innumerable errors. We create an argument in our heads and provide the […]

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Karma Chameleon

I absolutely love this song by the Culture Club – it’s a part of my childhood. It also happens to be the name of my blogpost today. Here’s the link to it if you wish to hear it: So here’s the thing, I’ve come to one realisation in life: Karma is a bitch. What goes […]

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