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What Is Happiness?

Have you ever asked yourself what happiness means to you? Like just taken a moment to think about the stuff that truly matters in life? Is happiness a fleeting moment or something much more?

I'm not going get into the happiness isn't based on material needs mumbo jumbo because that is subjective. Every human being has their own definition of contentment – their contentment might lie in splurging and going on a shopping spree. I've done so, more than my share if I may add. *hides face*

Can you be happy in making someone else happy? Even briefly? Can you find pleasure in being sadistic and hurting others? Both could equally be true; the making of a modern paradox. There are some human beings who I'd like to think, perhaps; circumstantially, take pleasure in being sadistic – in being happy in a fleeting moment with one person but at the same lying to themselves that their thirst for being with other people is satiated.

Some men and women just can't function with monogamy. That's happiness for them, and it's perfectly alright. We all have the free will to be as we please.

Happiness for me? Is the simple things that make the bigger picture – cuddles with my lover, sipping Irish Creme coffee knowing very well that I can't take too much caffeine!

Sitting with my parents/parents-in-laws going deep into the past, talking about the simpler less technologically sound times. Also, wanting the same kind of childhood for my kids in the future. Having a plate full of 'Biryani' that 'Aiyan' (my childhood nanny) has made for me. Playing with my African Grey and giving him kisses and seeing my Indian Ringneck get jealous and fighting for my attention. These are the little things that bring happiness on a day to day basis, as we move forward in life, we must stop dwelling in the past, for the past is gone and what lies ahead is a part of the present, which is why it is a gift.

What are the things that make you happy?

Share them with me in the comments section. Comment below!


Thank You 

Sometimes you’re at a loss of words. You’re not quite sure how to put your thoughts into words. When I started writing this blog, I wasn’t entirely sure whether anyone would read it. I thought to myself, why would anybody want to read my thoughts and reveries? I could never be that interesting even if I tried. (Pun intended) 

As a socially awkward silent observer, I thought this blog would liberate me. It would help me evolve, break out of my shell and let the world inside my little bubble and maybe, just maybe somewhere down the lane, someone would acknowledge me and could perhaps relate to me and for once I’d be able to feel that there are others like me – I’m not alone.

I never thought my thoughts could resonate with a handful of individuals but they have and I’m humbled by that. Although my blog isn’t nearly as accomplished/followed as most of the blogs here, every like, every follower, every little share counts and it keeps me going. So thank you! Thank you all of you for making a twenty two year old (almost 23 – 8 more days to go) feel that she belongs, that she’s heard, and most importantly that she is a part of you.