What Is That Song About?

So this post has stemmed from my previous post, I figured since I’m on a writing spree at the moment – this sudden inspiration that has hit like a thunderbolt, I might as well write away! By now, you guys know I’m an avid jazz listener, but I do have other genres in my mix […]

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Me and Mrs. Jones

“Me and Mrs. Jones…we got a thing going on”…Bublè croons in my ears as I type away on my phone’s keyboard with my now short nailed stubby looking fingers. I wasn’t ever one to keep long nails but I’ve always liked a good manicure every month or two. Now, however, things are different, I like […]

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Birds of the Same Feather

I have never understood why the fake and pretentious are loved and adored more than the realists. What kind of a hypocritical society are we living in really? The same people who talk and slander one person behind their back are now pretending to be the best of friends. I mean, you talk smack about […]

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The Bee’s Sting

There comes a point in every individual’s life when you learn to let go. You learn that people will not match your sincerity, neither would they acknowledge your efforts – they are fleeting; hopping from one flower to another like a bee’s erratic flight, and their sting is as brutal. You could spend a lifetime […]

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The Final Answer

She sat down once again and put pen to paper. She had this nagging feeling that there was a lot left unsaid and it was all hanging in the air. My Dearest, I’m writing this to you today to tell you that you reside within me – etched deep into my skin. I have tried […]

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An Answer

She wrote him a letter that day, one of those with a wax seal. She pondered upon the idea of sending it, letting it sit on the table a little longer. She reread what she wrote: You wrote me something, little somethings, a while ago. I read them all, felt them and weeped. I couldn’t […]

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What Is Happiness?

Have you ever asked yourself what happiness means to you? Like just taken a moment to think about the stuff that truly matters in life? Is happiness a fleeting moment or something much more?

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Thank You 

Sometimes you’re at a loss of words. You’re not quite sure how to put your thoughts into words. When I started writing this blog, I wasn’t entirely sure whether anyone would read it. I thought to myself, why would anybody want to read my thoughts and reveries? I could never be that interesting even if […]

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