Drops of Forever


Lately, it has been raining cats and dogs in Lahore and I happened to step out in the pouring rain for a cruise with a close friend of mine, it was one of those long drives where you just indulge in good music (preferably easy listening) and unwind. I was sitting shotgun and my gaze was naturally directed towards the swishing windshield wipers and the glistening rain-soaked road that lie ahead. The aimlessly falling raindrops on the glass, sliding, intermingling with other drops, paving their paths, captivated me.

I got lost in my own little reverie.Ā  I didn’t see these raindrops for what they actually were, I saw them as a million little crystals being reflected by light. The moment one little drop fell on the glass windshield, it transformed into a diamond, and it turned everything it touched into a gleaming Broadway show. It was almost surreal, I realized how magical the world could be if I just tweaked how I perceived little things.


Something as little as a micro drop of water could hold the power to transform everything around it into a Leonid Afremov-esque painting (His work is mesmerizing). It’s such a beautiful sight to see that a drop of water holds a mirror within, and that the moment it gets struck by light , its a flawless diamond lighting the world. Its truly a spectacular sight if you view it from a different perspective. They say it rains diamonds on Jupiter, they say it rains diamonds on Saturn…I’d like to believe that it rains diamonds on Earth, its just about thought. šŸ™‚

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