Love That Transcends

It’s precisely 2:57 AM, right now. I was about to sleep (that was 30 minutes ago) and my mind started wandering and I felt the urge to write. It rarely ever happens that inspiration strikes 3 days in a row, it’s a personal best.

I put my phone on charge, placed it on the night table and turned to my right to doze off. As I was lying in bed, I began to think about the need for love, the way human beings have this innate desire to feel needed and wanted. It’s beautiful, so raw and yet so vulnerable at the same time.

It makes you weak in the knees to be in love with the idea of something more than the actuality of it. As Meg Ryan said in ‘When Harry Met Sally’: “I miss the idea of him”.

The question is though, should you try to make the idea your reality? Life is meant to be lived without barriers, specifically when it comes to affection, when you love someone or something do it wholeheartedly and don’t be afraid to show it, we’re living in a world full of negativity as is, why not spread love? Why not acknowledge it?

It is so common to get caught up in the nitty gritty, the fear of rejection, the circumstances, what if it all goes south? You only regret the step you didn’t take when you had the chance to, it shouldn’t matter if the love you’re willing to give is reciprocated or not, what matters is that you’ve put it out there and you won’t live with remorse.

I’m saying this from experience, while I have very little regrets in terms of the choices I’ve made in life based on my family’s ideologies, I do feel that a person should be able to exercise free will at a certain point in life. We are so chained by society that we can’t fathom treading a path that hasn’t already been carved. Sadly, in some ways, we are all byproducts of cultural indoctrination.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the things that mean something to you just because it might be deemed inappropriate or might end up putting you in a vulnerable position. Some things transcend beyond the notion of right and wrong and some relationships aren’t bound by judgments.

Love and affection are things that are meant to be shared, and appreciated, if you like somebody now, or did, go ahead and tell them, it doesn’t matter how they respond, and what the circumstances are, what matters is that you’ve put it out there and you never know how things might work out.

Love doesn’t always have to be mutual, you don’t have to have a cliched happily ever after, sometimes just knowing that you’ve shared your sentiment is enough. You won’t know till you try it and you might be pleasantly surprised along the way.

The question that remains is, is it actually enough for some of us? Or do we secretly keep wanting and hoping for more? Are humans capable of love that transcends beyond terms and conditions?

What are your thoughts?

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