The Bee’s Sting

There comes a point in every individual’s life when you learn to let go. You learn that people will not match your sincerity, neither would they acknowledge your efforts – they are fleeting; hopping from one flower to another like a bee’s erratic flight, and their sting is as brutal. You could spend a lifetime ‘ticking all the right boxes’ and yet not be good enough. They’d draw comparisons, jump to conclusions and make issues out of non-issues even if you’ve bent over backwards for them. Letting go is the art of freedom, the path to emancipation and closure. Your life’s purpose shouldn’t be seeking the approval of those who fail to see the good in you and pass biased judgements based on another’s superficiality.

When we let go of people, we lower our expectations and practice caution in order to save ourselves from being vulnerable at the hands of our kith and kin. Don’t be afraid to let go of relationships that make you question yourself, if they failed to recognize the good after everything you did, do you think they’d learn to differentiate between right and wrong now? When they hide behind their cloaks of self-righteousness and victimization.

Letting go isn’t weakness, it is an act of liberation that strengthens and elevates our being.

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