Birds of the Same Feather

I have never understood why the fake and pretentious are loved and adored more than the realists. What kind of a hypocritical society are we living in really? The same people who talk and slander one person behind their back are now pretending to be the best of friends.

I mean, you talk smack about her, you say she isn’t worth being associated with not in terms of kinship or friendship and here you are posting pictures, and videos of your shared dinners and lunches with the same individual on your various social media outlets.

I call them as I see them, and I think it’s pathetic. It’s absurd how the same family members who once despised an individual are now singing their praises and meanwhile putting down other people in the process.

People are such counterfeits, they’d put good old plastic to shame (pun intended). It’s so funny how insecure individuals find likeminded companions and form cliques all the while throwing stones at the ones who stand with the truth. The bitter reality is that the person they choose to “despise” together is the same person who has done no harm to them and has in fact been extremely affectionate towards them.

We suffer at the hands of others because we expect they’d do the same for us as we did to them. In all honesty, it’s the height of naivety to think that the world owes you something just because you’re supposedly the ‘good guy’. There’s a reason why they say “Nice guys finish last” it’s because shrewd, scheming fiends reach the finish line first.

Some of us just have to learn to not waste our time and energy on things that are of no consequence. Trusting in God, having faith that He will guide the lost souls and show them the true colors of the person they’re choosing to practically worship – on the basis of strategically planned years long training is all that a believer can do. God helps those who believe, so don’t stop believing.

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