Unpublished Letters: How We Met

I was just going through my old emails (owing to the Covid-19 lockdown) and came across some unpublished letters shared from around the globe. It was a part of a project my friends had set up some time back, with the help of Abscratches but it fizzled out eventually.

Some of the letters either made it on the Facebook page or didn’t make it at all. So today, I will be posting one of those letters and hopefully will continue to do so in the following days.

P.S If you want to share your story, have a rant or just want to blow off some steam feel free to send it on the link below!


Sent by: Veronica

Text: I looked at him for the first time ever when we were in fifth grade. Back then, when I thought that I was just looking at another guy of my class, I was actually looking at the man of my life! It was only in seventh grade when we entered the first stage of being friends. I remember, when we were not really good friends, more often than not I found myself wondering what it’d be like to be friends with that guy. And then when we were best friends, I often wondered what it’d like to date him. 

No, I didn’t have all those feelings you’ve when your love is one-sided. And even though I always had instincts that we’re going to be a couple, never did I listen to my conscience and even before he could be my crush, I managed to tell myself to value the friendship that we already have, over the feelings that he may never have for me. And so, I was ‘not’ in love with him (pretty strange how I managed to suppress my feelings!).

As about him – I’ve been his sweetheart way back, even before we were friends! And now, I thank my stars for that, every single day. 

Its been a very small amount of time since our relation, and so I could not prove it out to you that we’re meant to be, that we’ll make it work, and that our love will always strive. But, I’ve seen the way he looks at me, and I know that years down the line, he’ll still look at me the same way. And I also know that as long as we look at each other the same way, nothing can never ever threaten our relation. 

When he proposed to me (finally!), I knew that fifteen is not considered as the best age where you can be in a serious relation, and to the world, we are just kids – too young to be in love, but I also knew that I’ve to say ‘Yes’ to that guy. Right after he proposed me, while my insides were screaming yes, I knew that our relation may not turn out like we dreamt about it, I knew that dating each other would not be all rosy, there’d be compromises and complications and that I was taking a ‘chance’, but deep down, I knew that if I’d have not taken the ‘chance’, I’d have regretted it with every breath of my life. Being a girl with a philosophy of ‘ Live with zero regrets ‘, I know I never could have managed to say ‘no’. 

And since that day onwards, we’ve been celebrating our love, and we’ll continue to do so. For a closure, right now I cannot say that ‘…. And we’ve been together ever since this many years… ‘ But years down the lane, when my hair would be all white and my skin wrinkled, I’d astutely point out that he and I have been together since we were only fifteen when I’d tell my love story to some other teen in love!

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