I Wish You Hadn’t: A Woman’s Cry In The Sub-Continent

Sunrise – the rays of light turn everything into liquid gold

I wish you hadn’t screamed at me like that thinking you had all the power in the world, do you not fear God?

I wish you hadn’t caressed your ego, and given in to your family’s wishes over mine,

I wish you knew that words have the power to hurt people in a way most people like you can never fathom,

You hadn’t hurt me when you showed me your fists – your words punch deeper

They can feed him poison for all I care he said, the words pierced through. You haven’t been taught well by your family, you cuss and abuse,

She sulked and sobbed all this while, thinking and rethinking his words, his words razor sharp, cutting through over and over again,

The hot salty tears trickled down her cheeks, as she pondered over his words, he chose to believe their false accusations over her and broke her once again…

He has gotten so accustomed to it that it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Every time he and his family conspire, it makes her love him a lot less and saddens her more.

Why would you hurt someone you say that you love? You don’t care about the pain you inflict and betray them every time you choose to mistreat them and emotionally abuse them.

She sulked, and then said a prayer to God, knowing that God is with His people and He watches and He listens and His mercy is with His people and He fixes everything.

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